Night Care

From our family to yours, we provide night care support.

Night care is when a carer stays in your house overnight to help you keep up with your daily routine. Night care gives you access to skilled professionals all night long to help with even the most complicated care needs. Care needs don’t end when the day is over.

Our nurse-led carers also provide night care, allowing you or your loved one to sleep soundly during the night.

If you or someone close to you is uneasy about being left alone at night, you may require night care. One-on-one evening care from one of our highly trained carers means someone is available to help with toilet breaks, medication administration, and changing positions in bed.

Because everyone is different and every scenario is distinct, our night care is personalised for you. With a dedicated night-time carer, assistance is accessible at all times. It means you or a loved one may stay in your own home, where you are most comfortable.

Recognising that care is required might be frightening. Allow us to set your mind at ease by speaking with our pleasant team and learning how we can assist you.

Would you prefer to retire at home?

Night care might help you or a loved one feel less anxious about being alone at night. However, it also helps in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Support with medicine administration throughout the night
  • Assisting with bathroom breaks
  • Regular assistance with shifting positions in bed is particularly important after a surgery or injury
  • Help with complicated care requirements with the assistance of our nursing-led team.
  • Someone on hand for people living with degenerative disorders such as dementia.
  • Extra peace of mind for your family knowing that someone is available
  • Better overall health as a result of being able to sleep through the night

We provide three primary alternatives for night support:

Our babysitting service. As usual, our care options are flexible, and we will work with you to decide which level of care is best for you.

We recognise that your or a loved one’s needs may vary, particularly if you are healing from an accident or managing a chronic medical condition. Your night-time care support can be readily changed at any moment.

If you get 24 hour care from a live-in carer, he or she will support you at your house and be accessible to you overnight as well.

This is referred to as a sleeping night for the carer. This implies they can support you up to three times each night while also getting adequate rest to assist you the next day.

However, if you find yourself waking up more frequently than this each night, your carer is still available to assist you. However, if it becomes a frequent occurrence, we can discuss making changes to better fit your needs.

A waking night necessitates the carer remaining up all night to help with any care requirements you may have. Night care can be provided at regular times throughout the night, with the carer doing nightly chores and using other time to complete important household work.

We call this a “waking night” since the carer will be on duty all night. It is up to you how long they are required for.

We can arrange for one of our professional carers to assist you if you require a lot of support multiple times during the night, such as waking up disoriented or requiring regular aid in changing position or taking medicine during the night.

We also offer a sitting service or an overnight respite service. This is where we arrange for skilled care to keep you or your loved one company while your normal caregiver is away.

If you want to evaluate if overnight care is right for you, our night-time respite service might be an excellent temporary solution.