Private Live-in Care

Our Live-in care allows you or a loved one to live comfortably and freely in your own home for therest of your life.

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A live-in carer creates a stable atmosphere in the family home, which gives you the constancy of a regular daily schedule that you love.

You receive individualised care in familiar settings, allowing you to maintain your desired lifestyle. Being surrounded by the things you love about your house—the garden, your pets, and your neighbours—gives you a sense of belonging and security.

Live-in care is a less expensive and more enjoyable alternative to a nursing home. There is no emotional tension associated with packing up one’s entire life. We tailor a care plan to your or your loved one’s lifestyle, and we evaluate it on a regular basis as your requirements change. We guarantee that the care plan is agreed upon by you, your loved ones, and your healthcare providers…

You keep complete control over your lifestyle. After experiencing live-in care, most people realise there is no compelling reason to leave their home for residential care. They can be cared for and supported throughout time following a health crisis to live their final years in privacy and dignity via professional home care.

We understand that your house is your fortress. We support your authority by always allowing you to be the boss and never taking over. We support your preferences and allow you to operate the house as you see fit.

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Would you prefer to retire at home?

Have you been advised that you need to enter residential care but would like to remain at home? There will never be a time when you are compelled to leave your house if you do not want to with Casbens Care Live-In Care Services.

Nobody should have to live in an unsatisfactory environment when there is a simple and inexpensive alternative. Casbens Care offers personalised care for your loved one in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, as an alternative to the type of care provided in a nursing facility.

Some people may find it difficult to adjust to living in a tiny room at a nursing home. Elders frequently experience many losses at the same time.

lose friends may be dying; they may be losing physical or cognitive abilities, or their lifelong spouse may have died recently. Having to uproot their life and relocate into a lonely single room will be another source of “loss,” perhaps leading to despair and melancholy.

If you are under pressure to make a rapid choice, contact us right away to explore your alternatives. Do not make a hasty choice. We provide emergency care choices that will allow you to research the best answer for your loved one’s circumstances.

Our services include the following:

Personal care

to assist you in managing specific problems and maximising your independence at home.

Examples include:

  • Assessment, provision, and assistance with continence devices such as disposable pads and absorbent aids, commode chairs, bedpans, and urinals
  • Dementia consulting services
  • Services for eyesight and hearing
  • Support for persons of varied cultural and linguistic origins

Nursing care services

Nursing services aid in the treatment and monitoring of medical issues at home.

Examples include:

  • Wound treatment and care
  • a caregiver to assist you in taking your medicine.
  • some medical examinations
  • general health and other evaluations

Nutrition and food

to assist you in eating healthy.
Examples include:

  • assist with food preparation (including special diets for health, religious, cultural, or other reasons).
  • assist with the use of eating utensils
  • If required, assist with feeding.
  • services for food delivery

Specialised support

to assist you in managing specific problems and maximising your independence at home.

Examples include:

  • Assessment, provision, and assistance with continence devices such as disposable pads and absorbent aids, commode chairs, bedpans, and urinals
  • Dementia consulting services
  • Services for eyesight and hearing
  • Support for persons from varied cultural and linguistic origins

Cleaning and housekeeping

to assist you in keeping your house clean, neat, and safe.
Examples include:

  • assist with bedmaking
  • assistance with ironing and washing
  • assist with cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.
  • Weeding, trimming, grass mowing, minor garden upkeep, and waste removal

Social support services

Encourage you to participate in social and community activities that promote and safeguard your way of life, interests, and well-being.

Examples include:

  • arranging for a caregiver to make social calls in the house
  • providing a companion to accompany you on appointments (such as going to the doctor) and trips (e.g., shopping).
  • coordinating or supplying transportation to social gatherings and organising social activities
  • Someone to assist in the setup of phone and internet communication services in order to stay in touch with loved ones

The Advantages of Live-In Care.

When you determine that your loved one requires more care than you can offer, the option of a nursing home is frequently discussed. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and effort to find a suitable facility and wait for a bed to become available.

Carers for live-in care can be quickly chosen to meet your or your loved one’s needs and preferences. There are no lines to get on. Caregiving, and most importantly, your peace of mind, may begin immediately.

The most constant and stable atmosphere is created through live-in care. Individuals in need of care who live at home are more likely to be happy, physically and psychologically healthy, and socially engaged.

Throughout the week, the same two Casbens Care caregivers provide constant, excellent care. This stability allows for the formation of strong personal ties.

You or your loved one do not have to pack and relocate with Live-In Care. Moving is one of the most emotionally taxing situations that someone can go through. Live-in care relieves you, your loved one, and the entire family of stress.

Staying at home allows you or your loved one to be connected to your neighbourhood and near your family and friends. The home setting keeps children linked to and involved with the people who are essential in their lives.

Friends are far more likely to pay you a visit at home, since attending a facility with strangers exhibiting unpleasant behaviour can be distressing. The more private and pleasant it is to see you, the more frequently visitors will want to come.

Staff turnover is constant in major institutions. There are always new people. There is a constant influx of additional families and their friends. It is difficult to retain privacy in these settings.

You or your loved one’s privacy and dignity are assured with one-on-one personal care. We provide you with room when you need it.

In your house, where you are the boss, you or your loved one may live your life on your terms. You can get out of bed whenever you choose, rather than when other people wake you up. You may have breakfast whenever you choose, rather than when the staff is pressing you to finish the breakfast shift.

There is no rush with live-in care. You go at your own speed and take your time to enjoy everything. You have complete control over how you spend your days. Maintain control of your life.

You don’t have to make any sacrifices with Live In Care. You have complete control over how you spend your time. You may pick the types of foods you want to eat (including cultural and national considerations), when you want to eat them, the music you want to listen to, where you want to travel, and who you want to see.

Imagine having to live apart from your spouse after decades of marriage!

You may continue to live at home with your spouse with Casbens Care Live-In Care.

People’s quality of life is determined by their connections. The more they can keep their relationships intact, the happier they will be.

Because it is one-on-one care, live-in care gives the highest quality long-term care.

Our carers note any behavioural or health changes in your loved one on a daily basis. Only live-in care provides you with close monitoring by people who know you well. This kind of health monitoring is not possible in an institution because there is a lot of staff turnover.

What is the cost of live-in care?

A live-in care package allows anyone who needs live-in care to remain in their own home with the aid and support of a private live-in caregiver. Whether you need companionship for a relative or have special health conditions that require extra support, live-in care offers a full-time option and is a practical and economical alternative to moving into a care facility. Your care worker can assist you in living freely by residing in your home.

Choosing care for a loved one is a difficult option because every family’s circumstances are unique. To make an informed choice, you need to know what your options are and how they differ from each other, as well as how much each type of care costs.

The cost of live-in care is highly dependent on the care needs and preferences of the person or people being supported. So, contact us to receive an exact quote for your care requirements.