Domiciliary Care

Quality care in the comfort of your own home

What exactly is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care, often known as “home care,” is offered to persons who live in their own homes but require additional support with daily activities.

A professional carer will come to your home to help you with everyday duties like light housework, personal care, food preparation and cooking, or any other activity that will allow you to preserve your independence and quality of life. Home care also allows a family caregiver who is caring for a loved one to take a much-needed break.

To characterise domiciliary care services, domiciliary care providers will use a variety of terminology. The concept of domiciliary care includes hourly care, home care, and visiting care, all of which relate to the same service: a caregiver visiting your house at various times during the day to offer care and support.

Depending on your care and support needs, Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd can arrange for a carer to visit you once, twice, three times, or more each day for 15 minutes to an hour.

Domiciliary care is for whom?

Domiciliary care is for anyone who prefers to remain at home while receiving medical treatment. People of all ages can benefit from this form of care. This therapy may entail, among other things, recovery, convalescence, and rehabilitation.

Our completely qualified carers can provide medical support like catheterisation, continence, PEG feeding, and suppositories, to name a few. Our compassionate staff is overseen by a team of clinical care nurses who will collaborate with you to develop a personalised care plan, making your life simpler while receiving care in the comfort of your own home.

We also collaborate closely with district nurses and occupational therapists as necessary to ensure that we can provide care that matches your individual requirements, whether it be disability care, dementia care, nursing care, or companionship care.

How does domiciliary care work?

You will get your own personalised care package suited to your specific requirements, as well as your own individual carer from our Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd team. They will assist you in meeting your unique requirements and desires, as well as support you throughout your plan.

Each plan is flexible and unique, and all existing habits are considered, whether you have a nightly night-time care regimen, a prescription schedule, or a pastime that is significant to you.

If your or your loved one’s requirements change for any reason, the carer will still be available to help and will be as flexible as possible while providing your care. Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd prioritises your needs above anything else.

Domiciliary care fees

The cost of care for those who want live-in home care is frequently less than the overall cost of domiciliary care at home. When a person receives domiciliary care from a domiciliary care provider, it is likely that you will be charged extra for additional services to support the person’s specific care needs, such as dementia, Parkinson’s, or someone with high or complex needs, on top of the cost of a caregiver visiting. These extras pile up over time and might become pricey.

When a person’s demands grow and a higher number of hours are required each day to give the care they require, a domiciliary care service will continue to charge by the hour, which can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

The overall hourly cost of providing domiciliary care to someone who needs 24-hour care and support will almost certainly surpass the cost of an all-inclusive live-in care service.