Do you desire high-quality care and support? You are at the right place!

To us, quality means providing you with the same carer on time, every time. We are able to do so because we recruit, select, train, certify, and directly employ all of our home carers.

We don’t use labor-hire services from outside companies or sign labor-brokerage contracts with other companies.

Our home care services are tailored to your needs. You may specify when your carer will arrive and how long they will remain. You can confidently organise your day.

It might be unnerving to invite someone new into your house. You may be confident that our carers will treat your house with respect and care.

Your carer will provide you with the highest quality of home care and support. Our home care service will make you happy. We promise it. We are available at your house 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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A specialised home care provider who will assist you or a loved one in remaining safe at home.

When you engage a carer from Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd, you may stay in your warm, comfortable, and familiar home. Whether you’ve lived in your house for decades or just a few years, your surroundings are packed with rich memories, images, and possessions amassed over a lifetime.

When you get sick, you may require additional care and support, but this does not necessitate a change in your routine. Allowing our carers inside your house ensures that your routine and meals stay as you choose. Friends and relatives can visit, excursions out are simple, and your favourite pet can stay at home with you.

Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd is a unique home care service provider. We want to assist you in ensuring that you are comfortable in your own home while receiving the care you require. The happiness, safety, and freedom of you or a loved one are important to home care.

A carer provides you with the freedom and rights to make your own decisions. Furthermore, having a private care assistant has been shown to improve both quality of life and life expectancy. Carers provide care, support, and companionship, and you do not share your carer’s attention with anyone else.

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What impact may home care services have?

In addition to the flexibility of home care, families benefit from the confidence that another person lives with their loved one and is there to assist in the event of an unexpected need or emergency.

Your home care assistant can help with a wide range of care needs, from simple things like helping with personal care, preparing meals, being a friend, and helping with regular household tasks to more complex things like nursing care.

Your carer can assist you in making the most of your life. We can support you in locating carers for a variety of difficult care problems, including (but not limited to)

Alzheimer’s and dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain traumas, motor neurone disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

We don’t simply assist the elderly with our home care services. We may also care for younger persons (18 and up) at home, college, and even university.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a home care service to assist you discover outstanding carers.

How home care can make a difference

Contented senior patient with kind doctor at the nursing home! Time together !
  • Professional carers providing high-quality care
  • Supportive care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Personalised carer matching based on your individual requirements
  • Providing reassurance to family members
  • Loved ones can stay in the comfort of their own homes.

A reputable home care agency

When requested, we may also undertake spot checks, which are publicised inspection visits to the residence to ensure that the standards are as high as they can be. Furthermore, we solicit feedback from both carers and customers to assess the quality of and happiness with the service offered.

You can notify us at any moment if your care needs have changed and update your care profile to ensure you hire the proper carer. People are always completely in charge of planning and directing their own care, as well as making their own decisions about the care they get.

You hire the carer you want directly, and you have complete control. Your care should be discussed with your family members, especially when making collaborative decisions in the best interests of those being cared for.

We propose that notes on the care delivered by your own carer be stored in a home folder that the client or their family may access at any time. You may wish to include your comprehensive care profile in this folder, as well as any rich background material that highlights prior and present hobbies and interests that provide stimulation, good discussion, and intriguing activities.

The folder may also contain a variety of different resources, ranging from thorough information sheets and mild exercise to more clinical forms that may record food and hydration consumption as well as complete medical and family contact information in case of an emergency.

It is entirely your decision to have this folder; you are not required to do so because you are the one who selects how you want your care to be organised.

You are in charge, and the arrangements you make with your privately engaged carer are fully up to you; we will not manage or make decisions about your care on your behalf; it is really person-controlled.

Our process

Reach out to Casbens Supported Living Community and Home Support Services Ltd  so that we can arrange a free, no obligation assessment at your home.

Our care team will visit you and learn all about your care needs and how to help you live independently.

Together, we review your care needs and design a care plan and budget.

We will organise your care team in line with your care plan and start scheduling your care services.

Start receiving care services 

We will do evaluations to see if you are satisfied with the care we deliver.