About Us


In 2020, the Supported Living Service was set up to help and care for service users who were 18 years old or older.

Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd. engages employees with the required skills, expertise, and certifications to provide services to clients with a wide range of support and care requirements, such as learning disabilities, autism, and mental illness.

We are devoted to the highest standards and quality of care, with delivery based on a multidisciplinary approach, with you and those important to you at the centre. We are especially devoted to the promotion of good lifestyles for individuals so that they can live the greatest possible existence within the community.

Our care team offers a degree of quality and attention to your requirements that will result in quality recognition. Furthermore, all of our managers/team leaders have nursing and/or vocational credentials, as well as significant extra expertise in assisting people with a more complicated variety of requirements. We will continue to invest in staff development in order to react to individuals’ genuine and evolving needs and desires.

Our Contacts

Four Locations


0179 368 3550


The Aims and Objectives of the Service

  • Service users should be assisted in making educated decisions about how to live their lives.
  • Users should be involved in all elements of service delivery.
  • High-quality care will be provided in the homes of service users.
  • To develop a way of life that promotes and enhances personal choice, independence, and general well-being.
  • To foster an atmosphere in which all people are appreciated.

Governance and Quality Assurance

To ensure that the service is of good quality, the registered manager and quality control manager conduct regular audits. These audits encompass the following:

• Care files

• Medication

• Complaints

• Tenant’s meeting

• Team meetings

• Staff supervision

What Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd Stands for?

We exhibit our ideals by how we interact with our clients and with one another.

What we believe and what guides us are our values.

Our values

Our Contacts

0179 368 3551

Dorset House, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, England, KT22 7PL

Our services will guarantee that our clients’ dignity is preserved while they remain in the comfort, privacy, and security of their own home.

We will do what we say we will do, and we will do it openly, honestly, and transparently. We endeavour to right wrongs without blaming others, while also holding ourselves accountable and learning from our mistakes. We are dependable and trustworthy.

We can be counted on to be there for our clients and employees whenever they need us. Client issues will be handled as soon as possible. Clients will be kept up to date on all aspects of their treatment at all times. When we say we’ll be there, we mean it.

We will outperform your expectations. Our level of attention is exceptional. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our service. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd experience for our clients, their families, and our caregivers.

We are committed to you and will make every effort to convey this to you.

Who we are as a team

Our Board of Directors

The founders of Casbens Care Supported Living Ltd have first-hand experience helping customers from their own families to live independent, healthy, and supported lifestyles by self-managing their home care packages.

Executive Management Group.

The leadership team of Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd combines a breadth of expertise from a range of sectors. Trilogy Care challenges people to think differently, causing us and our partners to become more open and engaged in innovative and effective ways to create, deliver, and surpass our goals as individuals and as a team.

Care Management

Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd's Care Management team will work with you to create a care plan and budget. The care team often updates care plans when a client contacts us and requests changes to their plan or their health has changed. Every year, formal adjustments are made.

Our registered manager

The Registered Manager (RM) will be in charge of the entire service delivery. With the assistance of designated deputy managers and team leaders. The RM will be actively involved in service delivery and monitoring of all service users' support and care plans to ensure that everyone who uses the service receives the appropriate level and quality of support and care.