Palliative Care

Rest comfortably in your own home. Do you want your loved one to finish their life journey in the privacy of their own home?

What exactly does "palliative care" mean?

Palliative care provided in your own home enabling you to finish your life in an atmosphere that is both familiar and pleasant.

As a result of the progress made in medicine, the majority of us are now surviving for a longer period of time before passing away. This affords us the opportunity to make preparations and discuss with those we love how we would like to be cared for as we near the end of our lives.

Despite this, studies have revealed that the majority of us continue to pass away in clinical settings within hospitals, which is contrary to how most of us would choose to end our lives.

We want to make sure that this is not the case and that your quality of life is improved to the fullest extent possible by having end-of-life care administered in the comfort and safety of your own home.

We will work with you, your loved ones, and your primary care physician to plan your end-of-life journey as part of our palliative care services. During this process, we will also provide you and your family with the assistance, support, and holistic care that is necessary to realise your objectives.

We acknowledge that every person is unique, and as a result, we will make every effort to respect and honour the preferences of each customer.

Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd is a provider of compassionate palliative care. Let us work with you to make and support a plan for end-of-life care that meets the needs of you and your family in the best way possible.

Would you prefer to retire at home?

The main goals of palliative care are to relieve someone’s pain or suffering, improve their quality of life as much as possible, offer emotional and social support to both you and your family, and help you die in comfort and with dignity.

Palliative care needs to:

  • Offer pain relief, as well as relief from any other distressing symptoms.
  • Affirm life while acknowledging that death is a natural process.
  • Integrate the psychological and spiritual components of providing care to you or your loved one.
  • Provide you or a loved one with a support structure that will assist them in leading as full a life as possible up until the time of your passing.
  • Help your family deal with the stress of your illness as well as their own loss.
  • Improve one’s quality of life, which can occasionally also have a beneficial effect on the progression of an illness.
  • Be applied early in the course of a terminal disease, in combination with other therapies and treatments designed to extend life, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Is it possible to receive palliative care at home?

Absolutely. Casbens Supported Living Community And Home Support Ltd ‘s compassionate professionals are available to provide support for you or a loved one in the relaxed and familiar environment of their own home.

Our trained carers are committed to providing care of the highest possible standard at the most affordable rate, and they do so entirely inside the confines of your own home. We can help you with everything you need, from getting medicine to keeping the place clean and safe.

Does receiving palliative care always mean dying?

There is no assurance that receiving palliative care will result in death. Palliative care is only suggested to you when you have been given a diagnosis of a life-threatening disease, even if there is still a chance that you may live.

As you fight your illness, the goal of palliative care is to provide emotional support and ensure that the patient has the highest possible quality of life. If you or a loved one passes away, the palliative care team will work to ensure that the passing is as comfortable and dignified as possible.

Providing emotional and practical assistance to loved ones during palliative care

We understand, as competent carers should, that this is a difficult time for friends and family, and that the decision to choose palliative care is a significant one. In addition to doing a wide variety of tasks around the house to maintain a clean, secure, and tranquil atmosphere, we will also be present to give emotional support to everyone who has been negatively impacted by the events that are taking place.

Our palliative live-in carers are available to provide support that is very flexible and individualised to meet your specific requirements. We are able to assist you in making arrangements for end-of-life care that is either short-term or temporary if you or another member of your family is the primary caregiver for a loved one but requires a break from your responsibilities. To put it simply, we can be here to help you fill in the blanks and assist primary caregivers in meeting the challenges that have been set in front of them.